I'm pretty depressed right now. I'm still hovering around the same weight 227-228. This weight is not coming off no matter how well I was sticking to Weight Watchers and how much I was working out. I also have not lost inches. My clothes still fit the same. I posted earlier about how I needed to watch my carbs. I think carbs are holding me back. Before I got married in 2004 I did the Atkins diet and lost about 40lbs. It was very hard especially the first month. I wanted to do weight watchers because I wouldn't need to completely cut anything out of my diet. Well I just don't think my body likes Weight Watchers and I am going to try to do the Atkins program. I don't plan on buying any books or buying any memberships. Actually right on the Atkins site is complete instructions on how to follow their induction, which I suppose I will need to be on for awhile.

This is my 3rd day with the low carb thing. I'm not going to weigh myself for at least 2 weeks. It is just depressing when I do. I will continue to work out at Planet Fitness because I feel great when I do and I love that gym.

I don't even feel like doing anything except for working, gardening, and reading. I might take the next 2 weeks off of blogging and hopefully come back with a sweet update. I'm not ready to fail myself yet again and I need to keep plugging along. Scratch that I HAVE to keep plugging along. When I look in the mirror I just see a real sad person who doesn't feel comfortable leaving the house, getting dressed, or pretty much doing anything. I hate feeling like I'm just there, alive but not living and it sucks.

So watching my calories and fat is not working for me, now I'm going to switch to watching my carbs.

: (


Scale Check

It's been a little bit since I posted. Sorry I've been pretty bust lately.

So heres where I am at

Ok it budged. a little. And I still haven't lost those first 10 pounds yet. Thats frustrating, but hopefully I won't be stuck for awhile.

I took a few days off the gym and I took a few days off from counting calories. I am hoping that going back on plan and starting the gym again will kick start something in my body.
I really really need to watch my carbs.
My water intake has been great and its been really hot here so thats been helping me keep my water intake up.

After taking a few days off from the gym it felt so good to go back.
I alternate days with the treadmill and the elliptical for my cardio, I do two different ab machines everyday and I alternate working on my upper body one day and my lower body the next.

My dad has lost a total of 20 pounds now. While I am frustrated that I'm hovering around 227 and 226, I am very happy for him!

Thats all for now. I need to get some sleep.