But my heart, mind, and motivation haven't returned from Vegas yet. I wish they would get here soon, I am starting to worry.

I had a blast.
Some of the things I did -

Drink, Gamble, Walk
Visited M&M World
Checked out the MGM Grand and Lion Habitat
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Watched the Mirage Volcano
Played tons of arcade games
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Watched the Tournament of Kings show drunk (Kick Ass show)
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Visited the wax museum and took the horror tour
Went on a gondola ride at dusk
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Me and my husband got our wedding anniversary tattoo

Jon Poulson did both of our tattoos. Check out his page and his portfolio here.
He does awesome work. Very professional, very clean, and down to earth. Next time you are in Vegas and want to get inked, Tattoo Heaven is the place to go and Jon is the person to see.

I have some pictures of Vegas and I am going to work on a slide show this weekend.

So now that I am back, and have been back since Friday night, I should be back on track right? Wrong. I have no motivation, none, zip, zero. It sucks. It's like I am still catching up on sleep. Sheesh. Oh and I haven't even tried weighing myself yet. I will tomorrow. It's not looking promising.

Guess it's time for another challenge. I am going to restart my 2 week challenge with the hopes that it will bring me back on track.

So here it is, I start tomorrow, Wednesday 10/24

Stick to my calories and fat intake plan
(1800 calories per day/15g fat per meal - 3 meals)

3 Times a week at curves
Walking twice a week (30 min.)
Walking to pick Althea up from school
4 days of 15 minute toning exercises every night
NO stuffing my face over the next
2 weekends (big one for me)
I am worried about Halloween (anniversary)
Water, water, and more water

I am pretty confident that I gained all my weight back, I'll know tomorrow. So I might just be starting all over. Grrrr. Hey I need to suck it up though and keep going otherwise instead of this being a 10 pound step backwards it will be a complete failure and I am tired of doing that.



No I just got back from Vegas! I'll be back by Monday! Thanks everyone for popping in to check on me!


2 Week Challenge

I need to challenge myself again. I am slacking off and I think it's because I am going on vacation in less than 2 weeks and I know I am going to be a very bad eater. I do know the consequences I am going to have because of eating crappy while I am gone and I am ready to deal with a setback and maybe even a weight gain. I will lose it again though it won't be the end of my journey for sure. Anyway, just because I am ready for that doesn't mean I can start taking steps backwards now.

So my challenge for the next two weeks

Stick to my calories and fat intake plan
3 Times a week at curves
Walking twice a week (30 min.)
Walking to pick Althea up from school
4 days of 15 minute toning exercises every night
NO stuffing my face over the next
2 weekends (big one for me)
Water, water, and more water

I am going to track my progress on the side!

Do you like to read?

I don't know where I saw this, so if I found it off of your blog let me know.
It's a free paperback swapping site.
You post the books you are willing to swap and when someone requests a book from you, you ship it at your expense (you earn one credit per book you send) But when you sign up and post 9 books to swap you get three credits (1 credit is good for 1 paper
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If you sign up through the banner I get 1 credit!

Caramel Apples Anyone?

Yes Please!
I love these.
Pre-sliced apples with a little cup of caramel.

90 Calories
0g Fat
75mg Sodium
23g Carbohydrates
1g Protein

Such a great snack.



Coromega - Omega -3 Dietary Supplement
Coromega is a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids from pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Pantene Color Expressions

Shampoo and Conditioner for colored hair

Someone asked me if the freebies that I post require you to complete sponsor offers or pay for shipping. The answer is, no way! I have only posted stuff that is totally free! I have been getting free samples of tons of products for years. Most of the time when I fill out a sample request form I get the sample, sometimes I don't. I do have a separate email just for samples because you will get some junk mail for sure. I should of said that when I first started posting freebies.

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


Soon To Be Before Pictures

So I decided to take some pictures. These will one day be my before pictures. Uggg when I look at these I don't see myself at all. I guess that might be a good thing. But lets get real I look like crap. I'm huge and and take up a lot of space. I don't look happy. I'm not smiling. I'm going to try to smile in my next ones. Oh Yuck. I do not want to look like this anymore.

So there I am. This was even after I have lost 10 pounds. Maybe I expected to see a little change in the mirror. But......


New clothes

I really hate buying new clothes, especially when I am trying to lose weight. I feel like it will turn out to be a big waste of money. I have no clothes. I have maybe 3 t-shirts that I wear and 1 pair of jeans that only look good with flip flops since they are short in length. So I had to go out and get some jeans. I need some tops to but I'm going to go shopping one more time before I go on vacation. This shopping stuff is pretty much for vacation clothes. I went to Old Navy because they sell mid rise jeans which are the most comfortable for me. I bought a size 18! They are a little tight but I could button them. A 20 was too big this time. Yay! So even though I haven't visibly noticed weight loss it's happening. I also bought this cute t-shirt from Hot Topic, all black with three skulls across the top. XXL of course. But you know I have never been smaller than an XL because of my bust size.


I need to add some walking to my Curves. I'm such an exercise procrastinator. I hate that about me. I'm not gonna get anywhere near my goal if I don't do more. I love to walk to, but since I moved to this house a year ago I have started hating it. I live right off of a highway there is places to walk but sheesh there is so many cars I always feel like everyone is looking at the fat girl trying to lose weight. I need to get over this and quickly.

No freebie today :(

I'll have two again next time!