Scale Check


No change. While I would of liked to lost I am very happy by not gaining.


I added 30 crunches to my workout today!!!
And my 10 minutes on the elliptical has increased from 1.2 miles to 1.4 miles!!!
I'm starting to run faster. Next week I plan on upping my running time to 12 minutes.

I still hate exercising, A LOT. I am hoping it will one day become second nature or something. How about anyone else, How long have you been working out consistently? When you started did you hate it? If you did how do you feel about it now? The same?


New Addition!!

I forgot to tell everyone about our new kitty! Before we left for vacation my brother in laws friends cat had a litter and we decided to take one. By the time we got back he was ready to come home. We have two dogs and for the first 2 weeks we were getting the pets used to each other. The dogs have both been around cats before, but they were cats that didn't like dogs. The animals are already best friends. They are so cute together. I love catching them all hanging out together by the food and water dishes. Here is a working slide show of all our pets.


Ok so last night I made the Eating right Beef and Broccoli for me and my daughter and some low fat egg rolls I bought at the Grocery Outlet. The beef and Broccoli was disgusting. The beef was really weird like soggy and chewy. The rice was hard and the sauce left a lot to be desired. I won't be buying that again. Yuck.

I do like the eating right brand though. There is a great selection of products and I do like a lot of them but every time I have tried an Asian type dish (Eating Right or Safeway Brand) it ends up being horrible.



Simply Nutrilite Nutritious Food Bar Sample
You get to choose between chocolate and cherry, I picked chocolate of course!


Just Like Sugar Sample



Getting There

Challenge Stats
11/6 - 11/13

Walking the long way - 2/3
Elliptical - 4/3
Stick To Diet Plan - 4/7
Fell Off Diet Plan - 3/7
Water Intake 64ozs Per Day - 4/7

So I'm getting there. I'm going to do this again this week and see how I do.


I found some great recipes

One for low fat Honey Banana Bread
One for low fat pumpkin spice muffins

Me and my daughter made the banana bread and it went fast! It was filling to. Next time I make it I am going to use 2 cups of banana instead of one to get more of a stronger banana flavor.

Low Fat Honey Banana Bread Recipe

1 Gram Fat Pumpkin Spice Muffins

I haven't made the pumpkin muffins yet I probably will this weekend.


Yesterday was Veterans day and my husband is a Veteran. This is the fist time he has had Veterans night (he works nights) off in over 6 years. I'm glad he had the night off.

I think it should be mandatory -

We got to watch 2 movies! We hardly ever get to watch movies or do much because of our conflicting schedules. So we watched 28 weeks later and Hostel II.
Both we great movies, it was nice to have some alone time!


Not to much going on here I'm just working on getting things back together right before Thanksgiving.
I plan on eating whatever that day but I don't think it will be as hard to recover. Turkey isn't that bad for you and I don't like skin so I'll just be eating the meat. I do not like gravy at all so I wont have to worry about that. The mash potatoes, pies, breads with real butter, and yams with marshmallows is what I am going to have to watch out for. Am I making you hungry?

I love Thanksgiving!

I might be in charge of doing the mashed potatoes this year.
Last year I made them with real butter and whipping cream instead of milk.
Talk about turning something good for you into something that can cause a heart attack.
This year I am adding cheese and garlic to that concoction.

I think I am not going to make a huge King Kong sized bowl this time though, that way everyone will get a serving and there won't be any left for me to go for seconds.



Free sample of Arm and Hammer Toothpaste


Metamucil Berry Burst Sample



Scale Check

+ 6

Since I came back from vacation

I gained 6 pounds from October 15th - November 7th


Well at least it wasn't my whole 10 pounds that I lost and I am determined to get back to my ten pound loss and continue to lose more weight!

I didn't walk yesterday so I ran on my elliptical for 10 minutes instead. I'm so happy to have found the motivation to do something instead of telling myself I'll skip it and do it tomorrow.



I had to make my slide show private because I was getting friends requests (on Myspace) from some very weird people. (weird meaning, old men, and people in prison. WTF) For some reason I cannot edit my post with the slide show on it so now its going to be a blank black space. I am so annoyed and I don't know why I cannot edit my post. When I try to the edit thing opens up and then my post disappears and I can't do anything, it's like I didn't write anything at all. I can edit the rest of my post so it must be something with the Myspace slide show. Who knows? If anyone does I'd like to know the secret.

I am now considering taking down pictures of my daughter becuase I feel a little creeped out. Have any of you who post pictures of their family's and kids gotten any weird responses or followers?

I'm struggling and I am having such a hard time getting shit back together since I got back. I am having a real hard time getting back to reality, back to my eating habits, and back to moving my ass.

You know tomorrow I would have completed my 2 week challenge if I would of stuck with it. I probably would of also lost at least 3 pounds. Which is all I gained during my vacation. Now I feel like I am starting over. I have gained almost all of my 10 pounds back. I feel like I am failing. I don't want to fail myself again.

I quit curves, canceled my membership. (they said I can go back without the enrollment fee if I go back within one year) I canceled for several reasons

1) I was having a real hard time completing the circuit 2 times, I'm so out of shape that I feel ike I didn't let my body build up to 30 minutes of constant moving.

2) I really don't like socializing while I am working out and since I'm like the only one in there during the times when I can go the employees and owner feel the need to talk to me the whole time and it makes me really unconformable.

My eating habits have become disgusting again. the other day we went to Fresh Choice and I ate enough for 2 people. I felt like crap afterwards. I just wanted to lay down.

I keep giving myself challenges and I keep letting myself down.

I haven't been blogging becuase I am ashamed of myself, I am ashamed to let other people see that I am struggling.

This post is for me to come to grips with this hurdle and not be ashamed of struggling becuase I am sure a lot of you have been through this. I need to go back and catch up on all of your blogs. When I read about everyones success and hurdles it brings me motivation.

I am so angry with myself.

I looked in the mirror last night and told myself out loud that I wasn't going to give up. I kept repeating it over and over again.

"I'm not going to give up."

I'm not.

I can't.

2 week challenges are not working for me. I am going to start small. I am going to try for 1 week.
Since I am not going to curves anymore (for the time being) I will need to find another way to move my body and work on getting my stamina up.

Yesterday I walked to pick my daughter up from school. It is right across the street, but instead of walking back the way I came I went all the way down the road to the stop light, crossed, and then walked home.

I felt good afterwards!

Today I ran for 10 minutes on my elliptical which turned out to be 1.2 miles.

I feel good!

My new updated challenge will be -

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday -

walk the long way home

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

10 minutes on the elliptical

Drink as much water as I can

Watch what I put in my mouth and stick to my previous plan

After this week I will do it gain next week.

Maybe a week at a time might be less pressure for me.

Any kinds words, tips, tricks, or ideas I would love to hear!

I am proud of myself for deciding not to give up.
I am proud of myself for moving my body the past two days.


I promised a slide show of my Vegas trip and here it is!


Freebie information!

While on my hiatus from my blog I received -

1) Coromega - Omega-3 Dietary Supplement which was disgusting
2) Pantene Color Expression - very nice!
3) Beyond Bodi Heat - I am going to use tonight
4) Folgers Gourmet Selections (promotion ended) - I don't drink coffee but my husband does so I'll let you know what he thinks when he tries it.
5) Bausch & Lomb Wear and Care Program Kit - Which was 12 contact lens cases and a full size eye wetting drops!

I want to continue doing the freebies but I want to know if anyone has been signing up for them. Please let me know.


L'Oreal Vive Nutri Gloss Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment

Nicorette Cinnamon Surge 20 Piece Gum Sample
You need to watch a short video about the gum first

Garnier Skin Care Sample


Ok so I think I am back!

I am going to weigh myself weekly on Wednesday (tomorrow)

I am going to Blog, I feel better when I do

I am going to read your blogs, I feel better when I do that to

I am going to revive myself from the dead and start losing weight again

I am going to stick to this 1 week challenge that I started yesterday

I am going to stick with the look great in 2008 challenge

My first mini goal is to get that 10 pound weight loss headstone back on my blog
(I'll know how much I need to lose to get to that goal tomorrow moring)


Ok I am off to catch up on all of my favorite blogs, this should take awhile!