I had to make my slide show private because I was getting friends requests (on Myspace) from some very weird people. (weird meaning, old men, and people in prison. WTF) For some reason I cannot edit my post with the slide show on it so now its going to be a blank black space. I am so annoyed and I don't know why I cannot edit my post. When I try to the edit thing opens up and then my post disappears and I can't do anything, it's like I didn't write anything at all. I can edit the rest of my post so it must be something with the Myspace slide show. Who knows? If anyone does I'd like to know the secret.

I am now considering taking down pictures of my daughter becuase I feel a little creeped out. Have any of you who post pictures of their family's and kids gotten any weird responses or followers?


Heather said...

I havent had that experience, however my friend absolutely insisted that no pictures of her son would ever be up on her myspace page and then another frined of ours put a pic up and she was furious because some strange people were making comments. If you are uncomfortable, Id just take it down.

Kat said...

Several of my friends, including myself, don't have pictures up for that very reason. Once I learned someone could use my photos in so many ways, I shyed away from putting them anywhere online, except private blogs for friends and family.