Halloween Popcorn Balls!!!

The first thing I saw when I walked into Walmart yesterday was this huge box of popcorn balls. I love popcorn balls. My daughter saw them to and asked me if we can get them. I cringed, frowned and said, "let me look at the nutrition info."
My jaw dropped to the floor.
I almost cried.
Tears of joy.
Just kidding.
But I was happy to find out that 1 popcorn ball with all of its crunchy sweetness was only 100
calories and had only 1g of fat.
I definitely swooped up a box. What
a great snack. It also takes a long time to eat and I feel pretty satisfied after eating one.


Crazy Hair Day

Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day at my daughters school. So I had a blast doing her hair and she loved it. We are considered an "alternative" family I guess so I wasn't surprised when she said that she wanted to dye her hair so it could stay like this. I laughed. I told her the school would kill me and we can talk hair dying whens shes a lot older.

We used four neon colors and striped her bangs

Everyone loved her hair and she even won a prize.

My Most Important Self-Portrait

I saw this on YouTube. I thought it was won
derful. He also did an update called Failure? I was so curious about how hes doing now I wrote him a message and he responded very quickly. I asked him if he was going to do another update on his journey to better health. He told me he is working on one now and it will be ready between Winter and Spring. Ahhh thats to long to wait! I really enjoyed watching this. It is very creative and inspiring! It is well worth the 7 minutes.


I got my Ensure Free Shake coupon today in the mail. Next time I run to the store I'll grab one and let you know how it tasted.


This is a good one and I hope it actually comes.

Beyond Bodi Heat

Air activated heating pad


The Princess from Once Upon A Diet Inspired me with her vision post to reflect on why I really want to lose weight. I read her post this morning and went to Curves and while I was doing my workout I compiled a list and went beyond the obvious reasons like, to look great and possible fit into a size 10.

My List

1) Be Healthy
2) Have the energy to keep up with my daughter

3) Have Confidence in who I am
4) Not have to be squished in a roller coaster like Teale said
5) Keep the grocery bill dow
n (hehe)
6) Earn that cruise that I am going to reward myself with when I meet my ultimate goal

7) Be stronger emotional and strength wise

8) Learn self control
9) H
ave a better sex life
10) Show my family that I can reach a goal and not give up on myself

I have tons more!
I'm gonna look back on this list when I feel like giving up. While it is important to me to feel beautiful on the outside and I would love love love to fit into a size ten, there are so many m
ore reasons why I want to lose this weight!
Thank you Princess.


My Chicken Taco Recipe

1 Tyson Oven Roasted Whole Chicken (with the skin taken off)
White C
orn Tortillas (Mission Brand)
Ice Berg Lettuce
Cheese (Kraft 2% Milk Mexican
4 Cheese Blend)
Fat free sour cream
(Naturally Yours Brand)
1 Cup Salsa (Safeway Brand Peach Pineapple Salsa)

1) Pull the skin off the chicken and throw in the trash
2) Rip all of the meat off the chicken and place in a skillet
(The chicken is already cooked so
you are just warming it)
3) Add Salsa to chicken and simmer for about 10 - 15 minutes
5) Cut up lettuce, tomatoes
6) Wrap tortillas in plastic wrap and place in microwave
(When you are ready warm the tortillas for about 10 seconds per tortilla)
7) Dress your taco
8) Enjoy!

1 Taco =
1 white corn tortilla
1 o
z chicken
1 oz Salsa
1 tbsp. fat free sour Cream
tbsp. Cheese
2 tbs. tomatoes
1/4 cu
p lettuce

Calories - 162
Fat - 6

Carbohydrates - 16.5

Protein - 9

Sodium - 271.50

The carbohydrates can be lowered with a low carb tortilla.
You can omit the cheese and reduce the fat by 2 grams!
The salsa I used is sweet. Use different salsas for different flavors. I am going to try a garlic one next time.

Heres a picture of my taco from dinner tonight



Free sample of L.A.M.B Fragrance by Gwen Stefani


The Healing Garden Skin Organics Moisture Lotion with SPF 15



- 0 , Sick

Scale Check In

- 0 and + 0

I broke even. I probably would of lost some if I worked out more and didn't overeat like I did over the weekend.

I'm sick right now. Grrr. Rob was sick earlier this week and last weekend. He caught it from Althea. I got it from him. Hey better to get this over with now then be sick on vacation.

I've been sick on vacation before. 2 years ago we had season passes to Great America which included passes to Bonfante Gardens. Since its in Gilroy, CA, over 3 hours away, we decided to get a hotel for 2 nights. 3 days before we were set to go I got extremely sick. The doctor said it was just real bad congestion. She didn't want to be bothered with me. I asked for x-rays of my lungs and she said she didn't think I needed it and to take these congestion pills.

We went on vacation. I was sick with pneumonia the whole time. At a theme park in 100 degree weather. It was the worst time of my life. The whole time I couldn't breath. I was hacking non stop. I just didn't enjoy myself at all. On the drive back I had stopped breathing. Rob took me to the hospital. Turns out I had pneumonia and since it wasn't taken care of earlier it was really bad. I was bed ridden for over a week after that and was told that if I didn't some to the hospital there was a good chance of it being fatal.

I'm crossing my fingers that I am better by the time we go. I don't think i can handle that again.
I went grocery shopping the other day and I bought some flavored water. It was on sale for $1. each. The had blueberry/blackberry and strawberry.

I am really not much for flavored water at all. Most of the time they are sickly sweet with a very nasty aftertaste. Well this water was so good. No sugar added. Just water and real natural fruit oil.

O Water
I am a big fan now! I can't wait to try all of the flavors. I had the Strawberry. All you taste is a hint of Strawberry, like if you were to squeeze the juice from one in your glass of water.
No sugar! It wasn't sweet at all!!!!

After I try all the flavors of O Water I am going to check out Metro Mint
If anyone has tried it let me know if you liked it or not.


Time to go lay down. I feel like ehhhh crap.

No Freebie today : ( I just don't feel like searching around for something good. I'll have 2 next time!


I overate this weekend. My food choices were okay but my portion control....well lets just say I had none. The scale will not like me tomorrow.


or lack of.
Lack Of Motivation
Lack Of Energy
Lack Of Willpower

I needed a solution. I quit my second job (cleaning, shopping, and helping an elderly couple)
I feel like shit about it to.

I'll go over my previous schedule and explain why I had to cut something.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday
4:00 am - 6:00 am - Paper Route
6:15 am - Pick Up husband from work
I get home at around 6:45 am
6:45 am - Get daughter up for school
7:00 am - Sleep
9:00 am - Get up to go to second job
10:00am - 1:00 pm - Working
1:15 pm - Curves
2:40 pm - Pick daughter up from school
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Homework, cleaning, playing...
9:30 pm - Take husband to work
11:00 pm - 1:00 am - Trying to fall asleep
4:00 am - Get up for paper route

I get anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of sleep a day - always broken up - never at once. On Tuesdays and Thursdays when I don't work my second job I am trying to catch up on lost sleep and I am really burnt out.

I would work out for 1 or 2 days and thats it. The rest of the time I had no energy.
I had to cut something out for myself.
For my Health
For my Weight Loss
For ME

Thats whats important
I need to work on me

I was hard to quit. I felt really bad. Horrible in fact. But I have no choice. I started feeling like I was going to quit my diet.

Lose all of my progress Give up that 10 pound victory


But now I feel proud.
Proud that I did something for myself.
Proud that I figured out that there was a prob
lem and I fixed it to benefit myself and not someone else for a change.


A Salad with some flavor...Finally (and it's not bad for you either)

Oh I love this stuff! Tons of flavor! Crunchy and a little cheesy with some Salsa!

Nutrition Fact (whats important to me anyway)

1 serving is two cups
4 servings total

I mix everything together and then do my serving size

Per serving

Calories - 120
Fat -
Sodium - 280mg (since I'm watching my Sodium now)
Carbohydrates - 10g
Fiber -
Protein - 3g


Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample

Pick from 4 flavors (I picked Vanilla Biscotti)

includes shampoo, conditioner and CREME
Pick from 5 differ
ent kinds (I picked Hydra TLC)

I love free samples!


I got my Vegas tickets from AAA today!!!!!!!
20 days and counting!

When I bought my tickets I also bought a romance package. It was $53 per person (for me and Rob) and it came with admission for 2 to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, a Gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel, and I can pick go eat lunch at the Valentino's or Dinner at Ziffirino's.

I am not going to expect myself to eat correctly the whole time in Vegas.

The excitement is building!


Scale Check In (was Tuesday)


That means I have lost my first 10 pounds! Can I get a Hell Yeah? It was slow going, but probably for the best. I'm so excited, I'm so proud of myself. More motivation, more will power instantly!

I am rewarding myself with these shoes for my Vegas Trip.

This is hard though. I'm not gonna lie. I would like to get to 199 by October 15th. Thats my next mini goal. If I do I am going to get a manicure and pedicure! And try on some old jeans. I'm not gonna try to get in them until then.


Bausch & Lomb Wear and Care Program Kit


Thank You!

Myspace Marquee Text - http://www.marqueetextlive.com

Thank you Lady Rose from The Diet Pulpit and Once Upon a Diet (I don't know your name) for recommending me to take probiotics. I ate Activia like you suggested instead of taking antibiotics. I feel much better and feel I made a better choice.


I signed my daughter up for hip hop dance class today for an after school activity. She is very excited. I only wish I could join. It sounds like tons of fun and they will have an end of session performance. I can't wait. So on Thursdays she will do dance and on Tuesdays she has chorus. He chorus group sang in front of the whole school today! I'm such a proud Mama!


Tomorrow is my scale day and I am a little nervous. I am nervous because the amount of sodium I have eaten in the past couple of days. Grrr. I hope it doesn't affect me to much.

For those of you that read this can you give me some reasons (Sodium For Dummies) why Sodium affects your weight and why it is bad for you when you are trying to lose weight and just in general? I am just confused on the whole thing.


Since I have been kinda home bound I have skipped out on working out for the past week. Crappy. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are my curves days. Today I ran on my elliptical for 15 minutes and used my Ab lounge (lol) just to get back in the swing of things. So maybe tomorrow I won't have such a hard time there.


Is the best season of all time. It's slowly cooling down and that means I will get to go on long walks. I love the wind and I love the cooler weather. My Discoid Lupus keeps me from being in the sun and walking in 90 degree weather is a big no no. I also love fall because of Halloween. It will be our 3 year anniversary on Halloween. I'll go over all the details of our wedding on my anniversary.

Lucerne Foods - Eating Right Brand

Their blueberry muffins are so yummy!
Today I had one for breakfast with a low fat/low calorie breakfast shake. It was so good and I really felt satisfied. The muffins are 9 g fat and 230 calories. It seems a little high, so if anyone has any suggestions on some other muffins let me know.

So far I have liked most of this brand. I have tried a lot of the frozen meals, the potato crisps (cheddar, yum), and I have some of the chili that I am saving for a real cold night for dinner.

(thought this was cool and I should share, have fun!)

Click here to vandalize a webpage


Free 7-day Group X pass to 24 Hour Fitness

From their Website -

Try our group exercise classes for 7 days at no charge. Experience a blend of Water, Cardio, Core and Mind/Body group exercise classes.Restrictions apply.


Breaking up is not alway hard to do, unless you have no control over whats going on

I must break up with you toilet. We are just going around in circles. You are draining me of all energy, and my stomach is in knots. This for sure is getting old.
Well I don't think my 100 calorie granola bars are doing it to me or the strawberry preserves. I think I may have the stomach flu or a bacteria. The weird thing is I don't have a fever and I am not completely lethargic.

I am not a big doctor person so I won't be going there. I do have some antibiotics that I got from the dentist 2 months ago. I think I'll start taking those. I'll probably just take one or two. I never ever take my complete dose of medication. I have even slacked on all the medication for my Lupus.

I just don't want to run to the toilet every 1/2 hour. It has totally interrupted my curves schedule. I went once and 5 minutes in, well you know.

Ok enough potty talk.

I am going to participate in the
Look Great In 2008 Challenge
Tales From The Scales

You should to
Go here
Do it

I am really good at challenges, or so I think. I'm excited I get to participate from the beginning.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Looks like the word about the Snack clip is getting around! I can't wait for mine to come.


I am shopping for new sneakers for my trip to Vegas in October. Since I am only 5' 0" I really like platform sneakers so I think I will be getting these

I am a real casual dresser. I might bring one nice outfit to wear for dinner at the Venetian, but thats it. I like to be comfortable, jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes.
I am extremely excited about vacation, and a little nervous. Flying, eating.
Our 3 year wedding anniversary is on October 31. So we are celebrating by going to Vegas.
My mom and dad are both going (they have been divorced since I was 2), my aunt is going, and I am bringing my daughter. My daughter is going to share my moms room so we can have a room to ourselves. I like bringing parents with me on vacation for 2 reasons

1) I get to bring my daughter and share the fun with her
2) When I want to go out with my husband for a night or during the day they don't mind spending some time with her

We are staying at Circus Circus (for Althea, my daughter, and myself)!
Leaving Monday October 15th and coming home on Friday the 19th.

I am soooo excited!
I need a vacation soooo bad.

I bet everyone says they do but I don't know if they really want it as much as I do.
Here let me explain why

I am an independent contractor. I do this so I can be home when Althea gets out of school. Plus Me + Conformity = depression and anger

I am a Paper Girl. Yup, and proud.
I deliver the paper 365 days a year.
No days off unless I pay someone I find myself to fill in for me.
I also help an elderly couple keep their house clean and stocked full of food 3 days a week.

I have a lot of free time. I get paid very well for the small amount of time I work. But I don't get days off



Has anyone grab any or all of the freebies I have been posting? I request mine when I post them, so I will let you know when and if they come in the mail.
Probably 6-8 weeks from now. HaHa

Free Sample of Ensure


Scale Check In

Yeah! But I have a feeling it is water weight. See me and the toilet have become good friends in the past 4 days. I have been trying to drink a lot of water. So next week when I weigh myself we will see if that went up or down. I haven't taken my alli pill yesterday and today and I have been trying to figure out which food is doing this to me. I haven't went over my fat grams for each meal I just think something might be causing me trouble. It is either the new brand of strawberry preserves I bought or the 100 calorie oatmeal bars. The ones that are Oreo and Chips Ahoy. I hope it's not those because they are so good and thats my only snack for the day. If so I guess I'll have to find something else. Hmmmfff.

It still felt good to go down some after my 3 weeks of being stuck. So I am at 8 pounds gone, only 2 more until my first goal of losing my first 10 pounds! Yay!

Crazy Ab Workout

Heres an ab workout my mom taught me. It kills. I'm sure everyone knows this one but I just learned it. Lay on your back on a mat. Raise both legs up about 1 foot open and close your legs, raise them again another foot and open and close. Now raise them one more time and open and close your legs. Now do the same thing but lower your legs 1 foot each time until you are back on a flat position. Whoa. I can only do like 2 sets right now.



Free sample of Vibe Liquid Nutrition

Information on Vibe

I hope this one comes, I'd really like to try it out.


Yes Yes Yes!

I breezed through my weekend challenge and did not cheat at all. I am very proud. I even had to resist a very big temptation. Saturday night was Fight Night and my husband has a bunch of guys over. Well they brought buffalo wings from the buffalo wing restaurant, French fries, and coleslaw (which I go weak for). I didn't eat a bite, and it smelled so good.

My mini goal of going to Curves on Saturday was not reached. : (
Thats ok. I am going to make it a goal again for this weekend, as well as keeping myself challenged and not cheating on the weekends. I did get to wash my car on Sunday. YaY! I am really anal when I wash my car and do a really good job. I calculated calories burned for an hour of car washing I burnt an estimated 438 calories for my weight. So I don't feel to bad about not going to Curves on Saturday.

Over the weekend I watched Blades of Glory, it was pretty funny. Tonight I am watching Disturbia and tomorrow I am watching Unaccompanied Minors.


Most people on diets weigh themselves once a week and they call it weigh in. I also weigh myself once a week on Tuesday, naked, but I don't like to call it a weigh in. I don't like it because it sounds like, to me anyway, that I am some kinda whale or elephant being weighed in before I am let into my cage. Don't as me why. So I am going to call it Scale Time or Check In from now on.

Food Tracking

Ok well I noticed that I did need to cut some carbs and watch my calories more, which I started doing right away after I noticed I was going over.

Oh, I found something real cool. I was looking for something to take with me when I go to work to keep a snack in. I needed something small because I only work for three hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I just need something to carry a small snack in like apples or grapes, sliced fruit. So I found this....

It's so cute, has a clip, and an ice pack. Ummm perfect. Cheap to it was only $5.50
Great deal. If you want one you can get it at Green Feet. I picked the Princess one and bought one for me and my daughter.


I'm still working on my website and I am going to have a bunch of current pictures of me on there. One day those are going to be my before pictures.


Free sample of Curves Cereal from Walmart

This one probably won't last too long.
Walmart always has free samples of something so I'm just going to post the link to their free sample area w
ith my links for free stuff.




This is probably the most frustrating part of trying to lose weight. Being stuck. This is also probably one of the main reasons why I have quit so many diets.
I Googled weight loss plateau and there are some basic ways to get your weight loss going again.

1) Keep a food diary
Ok, this is got to be one of the most annoying things. I don't eat on the run and I don't eat out at all during the week. BUT I just despise writing down everything and adding the calories and fat. It just sucks. Well I am going to try it again. I might be adding extra calories without even knowing it. So starting tomorrow I am going to calculate everything I eat. I will see if this is where my problem is.

2) Break up your meals
If you're eating three times a day, eat five. If you're already eating five times a day then start eating six or seven. I'm not ready to try this yet. The reason being is I still need to feel full when I am hungry and eating small portions throughout the day just won't cut it for me yet. I am so used to eating three meals I guess. If after I try this food diary thing my weight loss hasn't started back up again then I will give this a fair try.

3) Eat More
HA! The reason why I am in this predicament is because I eat too much. But if it turns out that I am taking in too less calories well then I would be happy to give this a try. HaHa. I don't think that is the way it will be turning out though. We will see. I know I am not eating less than 1200 calories a day.

4) Have some support
Bullshit. This is not going to break my weight loss halt. Yeah it might keep me from thinking about giving up, but in my case that is not an option anyway.

5) Watch your carbohydrate intake
Ok Ok. I can see this. I will defiantly work on reducing my carbs. This could just be the problem right here. You know I tried a low carb diet once. I even lost a good 30 pounds before my wedding. I don't might eating less carbs, but I will never go on another low carb diet again. I sure felt like crap all the time and I was so hungry.

Tomorrow I am going to eat like I normally do on this diet. I am going to track everything I eat. Then I will see how many carbs (and calories) I will need to cut from my diet. Then I will track everything for the next week with my new intake amount and see where it takes me.

6) Exercise
For Sure! I have joined curves in the last week and have been going about 3 times a week. I am going to work on getting that to 4 times a week. BUT then there are 3-4 days a week that I am not active at all. I must need to make a change here. One site recommends walking on your off days. This is something I will be working on.

7) Change your workout routine
Since I have just started working out I will save this one for a later plateau. But I will start adding walking in there. For now I will stick to the 30 minutes at curves. I'd like to give myself a full month of this (adding walking in of course) before I add something else to my routine or even change it up completely, maybe do curves for 2 days a week and then 2 days a week do some classes, the rest of the days walk. We will see.

8) Drink Water
This is something I know I have a hard time with. I am sure this isn't anything new. I seriously am trying. I think this might be something I need to track along with my food intake.

Ok so I hit a plateau. I have been at 215 for the past 3 weeks. I have done some cheating on the weekends as well. My challenge is going well by the way. So here is my general plan to see if I can get over this motivation killer.

Track All food and Water
Cut Carbohydrates and calories if needed
Add a fourth day to my workout week
Add walking to the remaining 3 days
Drink more water

You know, I already feel better. Kinda like I calmed myself down, took a step back and looked at what else I needed to change. I am realizing that I am going to need to make changes on a regular basis. Instead of giving up I am going to need to really analyze what I am doing and make a change to something that might not be working anymore.

Every time I tried a new diet or weight loss program all I heard was this isn't a DIET it's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Maybe it finally stuck in my brain. This is something that I really need to work at.

Here is another snack freebie.
(I'll be doing this on a regular basis and I'll have all the links in the sidebar as well)

This is from the Fiber35 Diet and this bar
• 10 grams of fiber
• 10 grams of protein
• Natural ingredients
• No added refined sugars
• No soy, gluten or GMOs
• No trans fats or cholesterol
• Certified kosher

Get your FitSmart Bar


My curves is like one store down from a donut shop. I thought about walking around the back of the shopping center to get to the curves but then I was halfway there and decided to turn back. No not because I wanted to get a donut. This shop leaves their doors open, they cook donuts all day long, and it smells so yummy when I walk past. Anyway. I walked back so I could pass the donut shop. I feel happy when I pass it and walk straight into Curves. It's like I defeated the evil donut shop and their hypnotizing smells. Donuts are good and I can seriously eat about 6 of them (or more). Thats sad when I think about it.

Which brings me to the amount of food I was eating before. He is a sample of when I would eat at a fast food place. I'll pick Taco Bell.

2 Bean Burritos with no Onions add Sour Cream
3 Crunchy Taco Supremes
1 Regular Nachos with 2 extra cheeses (3 total)
1 Cinnamon Twists (which I would dip in the cheese)
1 Nacho Cheese Gordita
2 Carmel Apple Empanada
1 Large Coke

Calories = 3220
What I eat in 2 days on my diet
Fat = 167
What I eat for 8 days on my diet
Saturated Fat = 50
Trans Fat = 19
Carbohydrates = 344
Sodium = 7710

HOLY SHIT I can eat all that. I am actually ashamed. It's disgusting.
So passing by that donut shop and not going in....It's a big deal for me!

For the past couple of weekends I have been "cheating". I do great all week and then I destroy my weeks progress. (my week, not my whole diet. It's very important to keep that in mind whenever I have a set back.) I end up not losing any weight that week. I'm lucky that I don't gain it back by the extensive amount of food I eat when I do "cheat".

This weekend I have decided to challenge myself. Join in if you have the same problem I do. The challenge is to stay on track all weekend long. For me this involves eating at home for every meal all weekend long. I also set a mini goal for myself. The Curves I go to is open on Saturday, so my goal is to do a workout session over the weekend instead of being a lazy ass all weekend long. I also plan on cleaning out my car, which is a disaster.

Virtually trade in your bad snack for a free Kashi Snack.
Kashi is having a Snack Drive to rid the world of 1 million bad snacks.
Click HERE for your free snack!
(I traded in my cupcake for one of their cookies)

Myspace Motivational Icons


My name is Nicole, I am 27 years old and I am FAT.
I am 75 pounds overweight (according to the BMI scale) I have just lost about 5 pounds in the last month. It's moving along very slowly. But you know what I haven't gotten too discouraged. I have cheated, and made some wrong choices and thats life. Finally after struggling with my weight for the past 10 years I am able to accept that. I am giving myself 1 year, 365 days, to lose 75 pounds. My starting date was around my birthday 7-14-07. So I have until 7-14-08. I am on a low fat, low calorie diet, I am on Alli, and I am exercising at Curves at least 3 days a week. If I don't lose 75 pounds in 365 days then I will give up, but not until then. If I stick with it then I will obviously reach my goal. I do not have a thyroid problem (I have gotten tested) so I have NO excuses!

What I plan on doing here....Who knows. I guess track my weight loss, meet some like minded people, and maybe even gather some supporters. Who knows. One reason why I started a website, a blog, and joined Spark People was to give myself more motivation. Maybe if people are following what I am doing then I will have more reason to keep going. Yeah Yeah I know weight loss is supposed to be for yourself. I believe for the most part that is true, but come on, you can't sit here and tell me that you wouldn't also like to turn some heads, be hot for your partner, and so on. You can't, you just can't. If I said that I would be lying my ass off. I may be married (to the most wonderful man ever) but I wouldn't mind turning some heads or having my husband be proud to prance me around.

Since I started doing something to lose all this fat I have pack on I haven't been embarrassed to tell people how much I weigh. I am 5' 0" and I weigh 215. This is considered OBESE. When I started in July I was at 220. I want to be 130-140.

I hate that word
I hate that it describes me

So I have talked about my website (which I am still working on) you can check out my first page here I have also talked about Spark People, which is a great weight loss community so check that out to! Join and add me as a friend.

Join me at: SparkPeople.com