Breaking Up, Challenge

Breaking up is not alway hard to do, unless you have no control over whats going on

I must break up with you toilet. We are just going around in circles. You are draining me of all energy, and my stomach is in knots. This for sure is getting old.
Well I don't think my 100 calorie granola bars are doing it to me or the strawberry preserves. I think I may have the stomach flu or a bacteria. The weird thing is I don't have a fever and I am not completely lethargic.

I am not a big doctor person so I won't be going there. I do have some antibiotics that I got from the dentist 2 months ago. I think I'll start taking those. I'll probably just take one or two. I never ever take my complete dose of medication. I have even slacked on all the medication for my Lupus.

I just don't want to run to the toilet every 1/2 hour. It has totally interrupted my curves schedule. I went once and 5 minutes in, well you know.

Ok enough potty talk.

I am going to participate in the
Look Great In 2008 Challenge
Tales From The Scales

You should to
Go here
Do it

I am really good at challenges, or so I think. I'm excited I get to participate from the beginning.

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Looks like the word about the Snack clip is getting around! I can't wait for mine to come.


I am shopping for new sneakers for my trip to Vegas in October. Since I am only 5' 0" I really like platform sneakers so I think I will be getting these

I am a real casual dresser. I might bring one nice outfit to wear for dinner at the Venetian, but thats it. I like to be comfortable, jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes.
I am extremely excited about vacation, and a little nervous. Flying, eating.
Our 3 year wedding anniversary is on October 31. So we are celebrating by going to Vegas.
My mom and dad are both going (they have been divorced since I was 2), my aunt is going, and I am bringing my daughter. My daughter is going to share my moms room so we can have a room to ourselves. I like bringing parents with me on vacation for 2 reasons

1) I get to bring my daughter and share the fun with her
2) When I want to go out with my husband for a night or during the day they don't mind spending some time with her

We are staying at Circus Circus (for Althea, my daughter, and myself)!
Leaving Monday October 15th and coming home on Friday the 19th.

I am soooo excited!
I need a vacation soooo bad.

I bet everyone says they do but I don't know if they really want it as much as I do.
Here let me explain why

I am an independent contractor. I do this so I can be home when Althea gets out of school. Plus Me + Conformity = depression and anger

I am a Paper Girl. Yup, and proud.
I deliver the paper 365 days a year.
No days off unless I pay someone I find myself to fill in for me.
I also help an elderly couple keep their house clean and stocked full of food 3 days a week.

I have a lot of free time. I get paid very well for the small amount of time I work. But I don't get days off



Has anyone grab any or all of the freebies I have been posting? I request mine when I post them, so I will let you know when and if they come in the mail.
Probably 6-8 weeks from now. HaHa

Free Sample of Ensure


Samantha said...

I'm 4' 10 1/2 so I love platform shoes too!!!

BTW I saw your birthday is July 14th, MINE TOO! I'll be 29 next year though.

Good luck on your challenge, we all need it!

Lady Rose said...

Hi - sorry to hear you have tummy flu. You might want to try some probiotics - either tablets or in a yogurt like activa, to get your good bacteria balanced. Especially if you take antibiotics - those kill off the healthy bacteria.

Eat light for a few days - broths, sugar free jello, give your body a chance to heal.

Hope you feel better soon!

Krystle said...

ohh, hope you feel better soon!

And, thank you for adding me to your sidebar. *Blush*

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I agree with the recommendation for probiotics.

I'd like to add a plea for you NOT to take antibiotics "a la carte."

Part of the reason we have a huge problem with antibiotic-resistant strains--besides overprescribing and overuse--is that folks leave their Rx's only partly taken, and that allows resistant strains to take hold and thrive and move on to others.

So, please, when you get antibiotics, take them ALL as prescribed, or just throw them out. Don't take them in part, haphazardly. IT affects the whole global community, believe it or not.

sorry to sound so "lecture-y", but it's important.

And feel better..very soon.