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Thank you Lady Rose from The Diet Pulpit and Once Upon a Diet (I don't know your name) for recommending me to take probiotics. I ate Activia like you suggested instead of taking antibiotics. I feel much better and feel I made a better choice.


I signed my daughter up for hip hop dance class today for an after school activity. She is very excited. I only wish I could join. It sounds like tons of fun and they will have an end of session performance. I can't wait. So on Thursdays she will do dance and on Tuesdays she has chorus. He chorus group sang in front of the whole school today! I'm such a proud Mama!


Tomorrow is my scale day and I am a little nervous. I am nervous because the amount of sodium I have eaten in the past couple of days. Grrr. I hope it doesn't affect me to much.

For those of you that read this can you give me some reasons (Sodium For Dummies) why Sodium affects your weight and why it is bad for you when you are trying to lose weight and just in general? I am just confused on the whole thing.


Since I have been kinda home bound I have skipped out on working out for the past week. Crappy. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are my curves days. Today I ran on my elliptical for 15 minutes and used my Ab lounge (lol) just to get back in the swing of things. So maybe tomorrow I won't have such a hard time there.


Is the best season of all time. It's slowly cooling down and that means I will get to go on long walks. I love the wind and I love the cooler weather. My Discoid Lupus keeps me from being in the sun and walking in 90 degree weather is a big no no. I also love fall because of Halloween. It will be our 3 year anniversary on Halloween. I'll go over all the details of our wedding on my anniversary.

Lucerne Foods - Eating Right Brand

Their blueberry muffins are so yummy!
Today I had one for breakfast with a low fat/low calorie breakfast shake. It was so good and I really felt satisfied. The muffins are 9 g fat and 230 calories. It seems a little high, so if anyone has any suggestions on some other muffins let me know.

So far I have liked most of this brand. I have tried a lot of the frozen meals, the potato crisps (cheddar, yum), and I have some of the chili that I am saving for a real cold night for dinner.

(thought this was cool and I should share, have fun!)

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Once Upon A Dieter said...

I am DELIGHTED the probiotics did the trick.

This is part of why lots of health practitioners tell folks to eat yogurt with live cultures, drink kefir, or take probiotic supplements--a lot of us don't know our intestinal flora is out of whack from junk food or from antibiotics. (Antibiotics just wipe it out and you have to replenish. Always.)

Best of luck as you continue with your health journey.

Mir, the Princess Dieter

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oh, and for sodium--

Yeah, it makes me bloat fast. I have low tolerance for sodium, but I LOVE salt.

Here's the healthy way to do the debloating (as opposed to water pills and stuff): fruit and fluids.

Drink more water than usual.
Eat more fruits than usual, or produce with a high diuretic property or potassium count: Sweet potatoes have lots of potassium, as do oranges and grapefruit and bananas.

My fave debloater: coconut water (fresh or canned, unsweetened.)

Coconut water is a huge electrolyte booster. It's got more potassium for the calories than orange juice or bananas. 60 calories worth of coconut water like ZICO or others you can find in the supermarket has about 660 mg of Potassium.

So, if you eat something salty--say chips or fries or a canned soup or a frozen entree--then eat a couple servings of potassium rich fruit or drink about 60 calories worth of coconut water. It will help ease the sodium puffies.

I grew up drinking coco water from coconuts (when they were available), and in the tropics--like if you go to the Caribbean on vacation or to Mexico), you can easily find vendors who sell you the coconut, chop the top off, put in a straw, and off you go. Very refreshing and great for the blood pressure. (Potassium helps lower BP, ergo the fruits and K-rich veggies as recommended in the DASH diet).

Oh, and skim milk. And yogurt. They have potassium. So, a glass o skim milk will help, too.

The Princess

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Muffins: Vitalicious.

I only like the deep chocolate muffins (but I'm finicky about muffins). It's very high fiber, and for 200 calories, you get low-fat, high-fiber, and it's 3 WW points. But the chocolate ones, I really enjoy. 12 grams of fiber. 12. Wow. A great dessert or late night snack with milk (filling)

The muffin tops are 100 calories, and one weight watcher point. They're a little less moist than the muffins, but I nuke them for a few seconds to warm them up, and that makes the chocolate chips MELT, and that's lovely.

They have apple bran and other flavors. I did NOT like the corn one. I did like the Double Choclate and the Peanut Butter Chip.

I've also tried FRED'S INCREDIBLES, and their blueberry and lemon muffins are very, very nice and only 100 calories and highish in protein. They have a banana one, too, but I didn't try that one.

Hope that helps and you enjoy one or both.

The Princess

Nykky said...

Thank you so much! Lots of info, especially for the salt! Oh Bananas work YAY! I love love bananas.

FatGirl said...

What I was always told when I would go in my weigh-ins during college was that sodium increased the water your body held- it's not necessarily "bad" weight but it does make you weigh more and retaining too much water is bad.. for other reasons I'm not too clear on.

Then there are the effects on blood pressure yadda yadda yadda...

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