Halloween Popcorn Balls!!!

The first thing I saw when I walked into Walmart yesterday was this huge box of popcorn balls. I love popcorn balls. My daughter saw them to and asked me if we can get them. I cringed, frowned and said, "let me look at the nutrition info."
My jaw dropped to the floor.
I almost cried.
Tears of joy.
Just kidding.
But I was happy to find out that 1 popcorn ball with all of its crunchy sweetness was only 100
calories and had only 1g of fat.
I definitely swooped up a box. What
a great snack. It also takes a long time to eat and I feel pretty satisfied after eating one.


Crazy Hair Day

Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day at my daughters school. So I had a blast doing her hair and she loved it. We are considered an "alternative" family I guess so I wasn't surprised when she said that she wanted to dye her hair so it could stay like this. I laughed. I told her the school would kill me and we can talk hair dying whens shes a lot older.

We used four neon colors and striped her bangs

Everyone loved her hair and she even won a prize.

My Most Important Self-Portrait

I saw this on YouTube. I thought it was won
derful. He also did an update called Failure? I was so curious about how hes doing now I wrote him a message and he responded very quickly. I asked him if he was going to do another update on his journey to better health. He told me he is working on one now and it will be ready between Winter and Spring. Ahhh thats to long to wait! I really enjoyed watching this. It is very creative and inspiring! It is well worth the 7 minutes.


I got my Ensure Free Shake coupon today in the mail. Next time I run to the store I'll grab one and let you know how it tasted.


This is a good one and I hope it actually comes.

Beyond Bodi Heat

Air activated heating pad


A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

Thanks for stopping by the site! The hair looks great and very creative! I didn't see the Popcorns balls...haven't eaten popcorn since Feb. because it doesn't agree with me, but, I'll be sure to hunt down that great find! Can't go wrong with the low in fat and calories! I'm a munchie person for sure!

Heather said...

the popcorn balls look yummy! I hate this time of year when you go to the store and see all the halloween candy. I always avoid those aisles. It must be hard though when you have a child who wants the candy. Your daughers hair looked really cool!

Nykky said...

Thanks guys!!! Oh I <3 popcorn balls.

Anonymous said...

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