Why am I doing this?

The Princess from Once Upon A Diet Inspired me with her vision post to reflect on why I really want to lose weight. I read her post this morning and went to Curves and while I was doing my workout I compiled a list and went beyond the obvious reasons like, to look great and possible fit into a size 10.

My List

1) Be Healthy
2) Have the energy to keep up with my daughter

3) Have Confidence in who I am
4) Not have to be squished in a roller coaster like Teale said
5) Keep the grocery bill dow
n (hehe)
6) Earn that cruise that I am going to reward myself with when I meet my ultimate goal

7) Be stronger emotional and strength wise

8) Learn self control
9) H
ave a better sex life
10) Show my family that I can reach a goal and not give up on myself

I have tons more!
I'm gonna look back on this list when I feel like giving up. While it is important to me to feel beautiful on the outside and I would love love love to fit into a size ten, there are so many m
ore reasons why I want to lose this weight!
Thank you Princess.


My Chicken Taco Recipe

1 Tyson Oven Roasted Whole Chicken (with the skin taken off)
White C
orn Tortillas (Mission Brand)
Ice Berg Lettuce
Cheese (Kraft 2% Milk Mexican
4 Cheese Blend)
Fat free sour cream
(Naturally Yours Brand)
1 Cup Salsa (Safeway Brand Peach Pineapple Salsa)

1) Pull the skin off the chicken and throw in the trash
2) Rip all of the meat off the chicken and place in a skillet
(The chicken is already cooked so
you are just warming it)
3) Add Salsa to chicken and simmer for about 10 - 15 minutes
5) Cut up lettuce, tomatoes
6) Wrap tortillas in plastic wrap and place in microwave
(When you are ready warm the tortillas for about 10 seconds per tortilla)
7) Dress your taco
8) Enjoy!

1 Taco =
1 white corn tortilla
1 o
z chicken
1 oz Salsa
1 tbsp. fat free sour Cream
tbsp. Cheese
2 tbs. tomatoes
1/4 cu
p lettuce

Calories - 162
Fat - 6

Carbohydrates - 16.5

Protein - 9

Sodium - 271.50

The carbohydrates can be lowered with a low carb tortilla.
You can omit the cheese and reduce the fat by 2 grams!
The salsa I used is sweet. Use different salsas for different flavors. I am going to try a garlic one next time.

Heres a picture of my taco from dinner tonight



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Carol Bardelli said...

I do my thinking while exercising to.

Those tacos sound delicious, I'll have to try those.

Great blog, Nykki. And best of luck with your goals. Cheers! Carol

Carol Bardelli said...

Oops. Sorry I misspelled your name, Nykky. Call me the typo queen.

Heather said...

I like your list a lot! those are great reasons to lose weight. The meal looks great too :)

Nykky said...

Thank you Carol and Heather! Oh yeah they were so yummy!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

We have some list items in common. Not being a mommy, I don't share #2, but I see how that one is VERY VERY important. I get tired just watchign wee ones run around.

Confidence is one of mine. I want to go someplace and not feel like I'm the the object of derisive attention. The freakshow, ya know?

And one doesn't have to be at goal weight to achieve things on the list. Just lose SOME and some of it comes to life.

A cruise! Yeah! Then you can put that better sex life to work on the wide, wide seas. :D

Thanks for creating...

The Princess

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