My curves is like one store down from a donut shop. I thought about walking around the back of the shopping center to get to the curves but then I was halfway there and decided to turn back. No not because I wanted to get a donut. This shop leaves their doors open, they cook donuts all day long, and it smells so yummy when I walk past. Anyway. I walked back so I could pass the donut shop. I feel happy when I pass it and walk straight into Curves. It's like I defeated the evil donut shop and their hypnotizing smells. Donuts are good and I can seriously eat about 6 of them (or more). Thats sad when I think about it.

Which brings me to the amount of food I was eating before. He is a sample of when I would eat at a fast food place. I'll pick Taco Bell.

2 Bean Burritos with no Onions add Sour Cream
3 Crunchy Taco Supremes
1 Regular Nachos with 2 extra cheeses (3 total)
1 Cinnamon Twists (which I would dip in the cheese)
1 Nacho Cheese Gordita
2 Carmel Apple Empanada
1 Large Coke

Calories = 3220
What I eat in 2 days on my diet
Fat = 167
What I eat for 8 days on my diet
Saturated Fat = 50
Trans Fat = 19
Carbohydrates = 344
Sodium = 7710

HOLY SHIT I can eat all that. I am actually ashamed. It's disgusting.
So passing by that donut shop and not going in....It's a big deal for me!

For the past couple of weekends I have been "cheating". I do great all week and then I destroy my weeks progress. (my week, not my whole diet. It's very important to keep that in mind whenever I have a set back.) I end up not losing any weight that week. I'm lucky that I don't gain it back by the extensive amount of food I eat when I do "cheat".

This weekend I have decided to challenge myself. Join in if you have the same problem I do. The challenge is to stay on track all weekend long. For me this involves eating at home for every meal all weekend long. I also set a mini goal for myself. The Curves I go to is open on Saturday, so my goal is to do a workout session over the weekend instead of being a lazy ass all weekend long. I also plan on cleaning out my car, which is a disaster.

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