My Body Is Back....

But my heart, mind, and motivation haven't returned from Vegas yet. I wish they would get here soon, I am starting to worry.

I had a blast.
Some of the things I did -

Drink, Gamble, Walk
Visited M&M World
Checked out the MGM Grand and Lion Habitat
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Watched the Mirage Volcano
Played tons of arcade games
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Watched the Tournament of Kings show drunk (Kick Ass show)
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Visited the wax museum and took the horror tour
Went on a gondola ride at dusk
Drink, Gamble, Walk
Me and my husband got our wedding anniversary tattoo

Jon Poulson did both of our tattoos. Check out his page and his portfolio here.
He does awesome work. Very professional, very clean, and down to earth. Next time you are in Vegas and want to get inked, Tattoo Heaven is the place to go and Jon is the person to see.

I have some pictures of Vegas and I am going to work on a slide show this weekend.

So now that I am back, and have been back since Friday night, I should be back on track right? Wrong. I have no motivation, none, zip, zero. It sucks. It's like I am still catching up on sleep. Sheesh. Oh and I haven't even tried weighing myself yet. I will tomorrow. It's not looking promising.

Guess it's time for another challenge. I am going to restart my 2 week challenge with the hopes that it will bring me back on track.

So here it is, I start tomorrow, Wednesday 10/24

Stick to my calories and fat intake plan
(1800 calories per day/15g fat per meal - 3 meals)

3 Times a week at curves
Walking twice a week (30 min.)
Walking to pick Althea up from school
4 days of 15 minute toning exercises every night
NO stuffing my face over the next
2 weekends (big one for me)
I am worried about Halloween (anniversary)
Water, water, and more water

I am pretty confident that I gained all my weight back, I'll know tomorrow. So I might just be starting all over. Grrrr. Hey I need to suck it up though and keep going otherwise instead of this being a 10 pound step backwards it will be a complete failure and I am tired of doing that.


FatGirl said...

It might not be as bad as you think with the weight. I know I'm always surprised after a vacation.

You WILL get back on track!

Scale Junkie said...

No matter what the scale says, just jump back on track and stay on track! You can do this!!

Heather said...

Glad you are back!!! sounds like an amazing time. I have never been there. The tat looks fantastic!

Coming back from vacations are always so hard. Even if you did gain all your weight back (and I doubt you did), you know it will come off. So start off with a simple goal each day that you can accomplish and before you know it, you will be back in the game.

Nykky said...

Thanks guys for the encouraging words. I really was very surprised when I jumped on the scale yesterday. I will update today.