What Happened?

It was so hot out last week and over the weekend and this week is has be really windy, warm but windy. It was so windy that my umbrella and my honeysuckle tree blew over.

On the plus side I get to listen to my wind chime!

I haven't been out in my garden this whole week so far except to water. I really need to bust my butt this weekend.


I took a rest day from the gym on Wednesday my stomach was so soar. I think I did to many reps on the ab machine. I'll be back today though. My dad is working so he won't go at the same time I do. I haven't been there without him yet, so I really need to go. Mainly to prove to myself that I am committed.


I have a question for everyone:

What kind of butter substitute (margarine) do you use?
If you don't use a margarine what do you use?

I've tried a few kinds but it still seems not worth it points wise. I need some suggestions.


I found some good Freebies for the garden!

Free Tree Seeds from Planting America

To get free tree seeds you need to live in the zone where the tree that you pick does best, I couldn't get some seeds but maybe you can!

Agrimarks Plant Markers

Best Organic Fertilizer Sample



Debra said...

It's been winding here too!

You asked about butter...I try not to use any but have you ever heard of Butter Buds..they are butter flakes. They aren't to bad. You just shake it on the food. Maybe this will help save some points.

Congrats on the sore abs....;-)

Debra said...

I meant windy....not winding. LOL

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