Ok so I worked my butt off one day and got this section ready for my bulbs, so as soon as I get them I can plant them.

Heres the before:

This is after:

This was some work. I weed whacked awhile back and had to rake out all the old stuff and then pull all the weeds that we missed. I took 2 rose bushes out and planted my honeysuckle bush. I turned the soil and filled it in with 7 bags of topsoil.

So now its all ready to get filled with tons of bulbs. Bulbs do really well in my yard. The soil isn't the best but for some reason they do great.


Here are some projects that I am going to work on during the summer.

I plan on raking this out and covering in it plastic then covering that with bark, maybe or some topsoil. The dirt here is the worst ever. Its like digging into a rock. I don't have many creative ideas for this section of my yard. Maybe you do? I'm leaving the trees and bushes in, I like those.

This sits in the shade almost all of the day. I just need to clear this section out, turn the soil and add some topsoil to get it ready. I plan on doing fall bulbs in here.

This is shade all day. I'm going to do this is the fall with some more fall bulbs and I'd like to plant a vine of some sort here to climb up the side of the house. And theres the back door into my bedroom. This small patios area is pretty private. There is a deck with the sliding glass door into the living room but we don't really use it that much. So its our own little patio. Id like to add a bistro set for me and my husband.

These are the stairs to the deck. This is also party of our patio. Half the day this is sun and half its shade. I have a huge Idea for here but I won't get to it probably until Spring of next year :(
I'm going to make a long pond in that whole area with a waterfall. Where the stepping stones are there is going to be a bridge over the pond. I plan on having water lilies, and ferns and a lot of green and rocks. We won't be using a preformed pond liner, we are going to do it from scratch! I wish I had the money now becuase then this would be my number 1 priority in the backyard.

So those are my backyard projects. Lots to do over this summer to keep me busy and active. Its funny becuase I really despised yard work less than a year ago. In my quest to not sit in front of the couch all day I have learned that I really enjoy it. I like feeling accomplished after I finish a section and then I get to see my progress bloom into beautiful flowers.


Debra said...

I love yard work too!! It's nice once it's all done to sit back and enjoy the beauty.

Jill said...

Wow, you DO have a lot of yard to work with! I love the pond idea, but you are right...that will require a lot of time, money and energy! I'm glad our yard is small...I'm so lazy!

Anonymous said...

Gee, exercise & a lovely garden to be, all in one!

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Im the same way, my entire life was spent avoiding yard work like the plague. Now? I kind of like it. I was even out in 102 degree weather (like an idiot) mulching. Mulching!

Your projects look like their coming right along. Can't wait to see more pictures as it progresses.

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Anonymous said...