Why is it so hot??

Thank you everyone for all the kind words and motivation!!

It is HOT. 101 yesterday. It said it was supposed to be 98 but it was hotter. I still went to the gym, yay me, but I didn't get my walk in, it was just too hot with no breeze. If there was a breeze I would of went.

Last night I slept with wet hand towels all over my body with the fan right on me full blast. It was a sight to be seen. No I won't take pictures of that haha.

I usually go to the gym at this time 11:00 am but I don't have my car. I will be forced to go late this night at 9:00 pm when its not so busy. Grrr. I need to make myself go.

I also can't work in my garden when its this hot, which pisses me off because I have a whole area that needs to be raked, turned, and filled with topsoil before I can plant these 50+ bulbs. If it cools down by 7 I'll start the raking.


I want to start my freebie thing again so here ya go

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My dad has lost a total of 14 lbs. Since starting the gym a little over a month ago. He was at 334 and how he is at 319. I'm so proud of him!! Go Dad!



Anonymous said...


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Debra said...

Tell your Dad that I am so proud of him!!

I hate to say it but I love hot weather...my husband doesn't. So we are always fussing over the AC in the house.